Phoenix Airgun Club

Benchrest: 25 meter 50 yard, and 100 meter 
~     Field Target     ~
10 meter Rifle  and  Silhouette

The epicenter for air gun enthusiasts across the Americas

“at the rio salado range, where there is well over a hundred air gun shooters competing monthly.”

A  fine retailer of airguns in the Phoenix area.

Field Target

We are getting ready to take a break over the summer to support our fellow airgunning friends... The Airgunners of Arizona field target club with their events held up north near Flagstaff.  They will be hosting FT events up there in June, July, August, and September. Check their website for details. In September, they will be hosting the Field Target State Championship. Ever year during the summer months, they migrate up north to compete in the cooler weather. So soon it will be time to pack that car and head up there to get your fix!

Here are some pictures of our range in Google Earth!

Latest updated picture on the new

Multi-Purpose / Airgun Center!

July 2015


Phoenix Airgun Club will be running the 25 Benchrest, 10m Pistol, And the Field Target venue!

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